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Energy conservation is the efficient or wise use of energy resources. It also means using energy carefully to reduce the waste of natural resources in a planned management program.

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Mission: Not So Impossible

Local electric companies have a mission – that of keeping the lights on! Learn more about how just two “kinds” of jobs get such an important mission accomplished every minute of every day.

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Jobs in Electricity

Every employee is essential. Click to read more about the different categories of jobs that keep electric utilities running.

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What is Energy?

What exactly is meant by the term, “energy”?

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Aspects of Energy

What are some of the aspects of energy?

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Energy All Around

Energy is all around us, and electrical energy appears to be in abundance and waiting to be used within microseconds of our energy need. If electricity is so widely available, why bother about “energy conservation”?

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Investigate and Experiment

When conducting experiments, remember, “PHPRC” – Purpose, Hypothesis, Procedure, Results, Conclusion.

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Energy Conservation at Work and Home

Energy Conservation can be done by households and factories alike.