Energy All Around

Energy is all around us, and electrical energy appears to be in abundance and waiting to used within micro-seconds of our energy need. If electricity is so widely available, why bother about "energy conservation"? Two words: energy crisis.


Back in the mid-1970s, energy conservation became a major concern for consumers and was the "buzz phrase" for the decade. America became focused on improving the efficiency of energy production and the elimination of wasteful practices involving natural resources. It seemed the whole country began to realize that coal, oil, and other natural resources are finite - that the Earth's resources that are dug or pumped out of the ground are indeed limited. Research and development focused on the realistic use of resources that would continue to keep the economy healthy.



Consumers, manufacturers, and energy producers joined together in the 1970s and, to this day, have continued to convey the message of the wise use of energy - from carpooling in large urban areas, to the development of electric and hybrid car technology; from finding more efficient ways in the generation and transmission of electrical energy, to researching more measures for finding substitute fuels and alternative energy sources.

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